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Accredition after asbestos removal 

Powerfull and brief

The last step after asbestos remediation is to check if the process was done thoughtful and to make sure the area is safe to enter without protective equipment.

That is what All Inspect makes its mark on. We conduct research and check whether everything has gone according to the standards

All Inspect works with professional inspectors to conduct research and perform a final check, quickly and precisely. We work according to legal standards. After the work is completed, we make a clear report with all our findings to give you the best view of our research and our results. 

Clear communication 

All of us at All Inspect love clear communication. On this website you can also find the files for our 'declaration of independence and confidentiality'  and our 'General terms and conditions'. If there are any questions about these documents, we'd love to explain them to you. That also goes for any other question you may have. Contact us at for all your questions or to make an appointment.  We love to hear from you. 


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